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How to Split MKV files by Chapter with Ease?

MKV Splitter - Split MKV into Several Segments without Re-encoding

Powerful MKV Splitter

Ever wish to split MKV files by chapter in order to upload to the internet? Ever bothered by the slow process of some bad MKV splitter? If so, you come to the right place. In this passage, we highly recommend a powerful MKV Splitter-iDealshare VideoGo, which can split MKV files by chapters without re-encoding or split MKV into several MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG, FLV clips. This high efficient MKV splitter can split MKV files nearly two times faster than similar products.

Here lists more unique features of the MKV Splitter:

  • Split MKV files by chapter with or without re-encoding.
  • Split other format video or audio including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, DV, FLV, WebM, MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AC3,etc.
  • Trim MKV video to cut the redundant parts.
  • Crop MKV files or other video files by defining four sides: top, bottom, left and right.
  • Merge small MKV video clips into a larger MKV file.
  • Convert between different video formats or audio formats.
  • MKV Splitter Mac version and Windows version are available.

Simple Steps to Split MKV Files

Free download and install the professional MKV Splitter - iDealshare VideoGo(for Mac, for Windows), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

MKV Splitter-iDealshare VideoGo

Step 1 Import MKV video

Click "Add File" button to load the MKV video which you like to split into several chapters

How to Split MKV Files?

Step 2 Split MKV settings

Tick the MKV video and right click the mouse, in the popping up list, click "Split by Chapter".


Besides splitting MKV files, this powerful app can trim MKV files to delete the unwanted parts. You can click "Trim" button, and define settings in the popping up window. There are two ways to trim MKV files:

Approach one:enter the accurate start time and end time in the time box.

Approach two:drag the scissors bars under the preview window to set the start and end time.

After that, click "OK" to save the settings.

Step 3 Set to split MKV without re-encoding or split MKV into other video formats

If you wish to split MKV without re-encoding,follow the setting below:

  • Click the "Profile" drop down button to select MKV as output profile from the "General Video" category.
  • Then click "Setting..." button to open the "Advanced Settings" Window. Swith to the "Advanced" panel, double click H.264/MPEG-4 AVC on the right side of Video Codec to select Copy from the drop down list.

Split MKV without Re-encoding

If you wish to split MKV into other video format clips,simply follow the setting below:

  • Click the "Profile" drop down button to select your preferable video format as output profile from the "General Video" category.

Step 4 Finish splitting MKV files

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side to finish splitting MKV files.

All the Split MKV Files Problems will Never Bother You

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