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Upload MOV to YouTube - Upload QuickTime/Nikon MOV to YouTube

Reason and Solution on Can't Upload MOV to YouTube

The Reasons Why Can't Upload MOV to YouTube?

Although YouTube announced it supports a long list of video formats including MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, WebM, etc., in the actual use, when uploading MOV to YouTube, we were often confused by the message "The video has failed to process". Therefore, we can't help asking why we can't upload MOV to YouTube.

The reasons behind this strange issue are YouTube only supports videos with special codec. For instance, not all types of MOV files can be uploaded to YouTube, but only MOV files with H.264 and AAC audio codec can uploaded to YouTube.

Here lists the video formats supported by YouTube:

  • MP4 and MOV: video codec-h.264, MPEG; audio codec-AAC
  • AVI: video codec-MJPEG; audio codec-PCM-
  • MPEGPS: video codec-MPEG 2; audio codec-MP2
  • FLV: video codec-FLV1; audio codec-MP3
  • Another reason is that YouTube only supports videos within 10 minutes or not longer than 15 minutes. So if your MOV file is compatible to YouTube, you should trim it or compress it.

Easy Solution to Upload MOV to YouTube

It can be concluded from the above discussion that the easy solution to upload MOV to YouTube is to convert MOV to YouTube compatible formats like H.264 MP4 or FLV. In this passage, we'd like to recommend a professional MOV to YouTube converter-iDealshare VideoGo, which can quickly convert MOV to YouTube compatible formats or simply trim MOV files.

This MOV to YouTube converter has many other helpful functions; you can simply refer to other passages on this site if needed.

Guide to Upload MOV to YouTube

Free download the professional MOV to YouTube converter - iDealshare VideoGo (for Mac, for Windows), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

MOV to YouTube Converter Mac Version-iDealshare VideoGo

Step 1 Import MOV file

You can click "Add File" button or simply drag and drop MOV files which you like to upload to YouTube. Please note that batch conversion is available.

How to Upload MOV to YouTube?

Step 2 Select the YouTube compatible format

Click the "Profile" button and in the drop down list select the YouTube compatible format. You have many choices like "H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video (*.mp4)" from "General Video" list; "YouTube H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)" from the "Web Video" list; "FLV" from the "Picture & Animation" list.

Step 3 Convert MOV to YouTube to Upload MOV to YouTube

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side, and then you will successfully convert MOV to YouTube more supported video format. Then it will become just easy to upload MOV to YouTube.

All the uploading MOV to YouTube problems will be solved.

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  • I am using a galaxy S3 phone and separate digital camera.I take a video with a standard digital camera.The video file format is .mov. I remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into the phone. Using the phone, I find the file in "My files" and hard press for "share via", then select youtube. The message I get is "Videos cannot be uploaded from cloud services" Keep in mind that this function works fine with files in.mp4 format.
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