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Step by Step Guide on How to Convert MP4 to SWF Video Format


Want to know the advantages of SWF, under what circumstances we need to convert MP4 to SWF and what's the best MP4 to SWF Converter? This article will explain them one by one in detail.

Reason for MP4 to SWF

The full name of SWF is small web format. SWF is designed to deliver vector graphics and animation over the internet and now is more often used to deliver browser-based games. There are some distinct advantages of SWF compared with MP4:

1. As a vector based and losslessly compressed format, SWF can be adjusted to play smoothly on different size of screens at the same time maintaining clear video image.

2. SWF can be loaded fast with a very limited bandwidth.

In a word, SWF is a video format suitable for playing and viewing on the web, so if you have got some MP4 files and want to play them clearly on the web, converting MP4 to SWF is a better option.

MP4 to SWF Converter

All you need is only a MP4 to SWF converter. Of course, this MP4 to SWF converter must convert MP4 to SWF at fast speed and high output quality and free of virus. iDealshare VideoGo is just the best MP4 to SWF converter which can satisfy all your need for a MP4 to SWF converter. Besides iDealshare VideoGo supports to batch convert MP4 to SWF. Now follow the step by step guide below to try to convert MP4 to SWF.

Besides converting MP4 to SWF, it also can convert AVI to SWF, MKV to SWF, AVCDH to SWF, MOV to SWF etc.

How to Convert MP4 to SWF?

Below is a step by step guide on how to convert MP4 to SWF.

Make Preparation: Free download MP4 to SWF Converter

Free download the professional MP4 to SWF Converter - iDealshare VideoGo(for Mac, for Windows), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

MP4 to SWF Converter - iDealshare VideoGo

Step 1 Import MP4 files

Click the "Add file" button to import MP4 files to the interface of iDealshare VideoGo. iDealshare VideoGo can also allow you to drag and drop MP4 directly to its interface of the MP4 to SWF Converter.

How to Convert MP4 to SWF?

Step 2 Set SWF as output profile

Click the "Profile" button to search SWF from the search text box and then choose SWF; or simply select SWF Video(*.swf) or SWF SWF+HTML(*.swf) as output profile from the "Picture & Animation" category

Step 3 Convert MP4 to SWF

Click the "Convert" button to complete converting MP4 to SWF process.


It is just easy to convert MP4 to SWF with the help of the above MP4 to SWF Converter and step by step guide.

Except for the advantages mentioned before, SWF is developed with other advantages, like evolving new features while keeping the backwards compatibility with the older softwares or players, capturing videos with pixel-perfect precision, etc.