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MP4 Instagram: How to Solve Can't Post MP4 to Instagram?

MP4 to Instagram Converter - Convert MP4 to Instagram Video Format.


Whenever I try to post a MP4 video to Instagram,t always times out and can not be uploaded, but uploading pictures is fine. Why can not post a MP4 to Instagram?

I created a MP4 file and want to upload it to my Instagram stories. It kept failing and asking me to retry. I re-exported the MP4 video and trying different sizes, but fail again. Any ideas or solution?

Recently many users encounter failure when posting MP4 videos to Instagram. There are many reasons why they encounter failure. The failure can be caused by the followings:

  • The allowed video duration for uploading is maximum 60 seconds. If the MP4 that you try to post is longer than 60 seconds you will fail.
  • You can not upload MP4 file through a desktop computer. If you did, you failed.
  • If your MP4 includes multiple clips you can not post it in landscape or portrait format.
  • If your account was recently created you can not post a live video in MP4 to Instagram.
  • Instagram preferred MP4 format is MP4 H.264. If your MP4 is encoded with other codec you may fail.
We can not tell the exact reason without given the further information, but we can give a solution no matter which reason caused your failure, that is, to convert the unsupported MP4 to Instagram more preferred MP4 H.264.

MP4 to Instagram Converter - iDealshare VideoGo

iDealshare VideoGo works as the professional MP4 to Instagram converter which can convert all unsupported MP4 with all unsupported video codecs to Instagram more supported MP4 H.264. Besides this MP4 to Instagram converter can also convert other unsupported AVI, MKV, 3GP, MOV, SWF, etc to Instagram supported one. More surprising, this MP4 to Instagram converter can perfectly convert any video format to another one to solve all video incompatibility issue.

Guide on How to Convert MP4 to Instagram

The following guide can work to convert the unsupported MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc to Instagram supported video format.

Make Preparation: Free download MP4 to Instagram Converter - iDealshare VideoGo

Free download the powerful and easy-to-use MP4 to Instagram Converter - iDealshareVideoGo(for Windows , for Mac).Launch it after downloading.

MP4 to Instagram Converter - iDealshare VideoGo

Step 1 Import MP4 video

Add the unsupported MP4 to iDealshare VideoGo by clicking "Add file" button or by drag and drop function.

Convert MP4 to Instagram

Step 2 Select Instagram supported video format

Click "Profile" button to set MP4 H.264 from the "General Video" category as the final output format.

Step 3 Convert MP4 to Instagram

Finally click "Convert" button to finish converting MP4 to Instagram supported video format.