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How to Convert ARF to WMV on Windows or Mac?

ARF to WMV Converter - Batch Convert ARF File to WMV


ARF is a advanced recording file for WebEx, proprietary format, and contains information, like video data, index content and attendee list, etc. ARF is normally in small size and clear image and the only drawback is that ARF can only be played and edited by WebEx ARF Player and WebEx recording editor. In order to play and edit ARF files more easily we often convert ARF files to WMV. There are two methods to convert ARF to WMV:

Method 1: We can use WebEx recording editor to convert ARF to WMV.

  • Step 1: Download, install and open the WebEx recording editor from WebEx site, often the latest version WebEx recording editor.
  • Step 2: Select ARF file you want to convert to WMV and then click "Convert" button and select the WMV as the output format
  • Step 3: Select a location you want to keep the converted WMV files
  • Step 4: Click "OK" button to finish converting from ARF to WMV

Tips: You always meet some inconvenience to convert ARF to WMV by this method. For instance, you always lose some information, make the file bloated and drop some frames, etc during the conversion process, which will make the converted WMV difficult to read. What's worse, the conversion process will take long time.

Method 2: You can also convert ARF to WMV by an ARF to WMV converter.

Here and now I highly recommend iDealshare VideoGo. With iDealshare VideoGo you can easily convert ARF to WMV without information and quality loss, that is, the converted WMV is the same as the original ARF for playing and editing. Besides, this ARF to WMV Converter can allow you to batch convert ARF to WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, DV at fast speed.

How to Convert ARF to WMV with iDealshare VideoGo?

Follow the step by step guide to convert ARF to WMV with the help of the ARF to WMV Converter.

Make Preparation: Free download ARF to WMV Converter

Free download the professional ARF to WMV Converter - iDealshare VideoGo(for Windows, for Mac), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

ARF to WMV Converter

Step 1 Add ARF files

Click the "Add File" button to import the ARF recordings to this ARF to WMV Converter. This powerful ARF to WMV Converter also supports drag and drop function.

Convert ARF to WMV

Step 2Set the WMV as the output format

Click "Profile" drop down button to select WMV as the output format from the "General Video" category.

Step 3Start and finish converting ARF to WMV

Click "Convert" button to start and finish converting ARF to WMV video format


With iDealshare VideoGo, you can convert ARF to WMV to play and edit again with no efforts and you have no need to complain that WebEx should dump ARF format away any longer.