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How to Solve Premiere Pro won't Import MP4 Files?

Convert MP4 to Premiere to Import MP4 to Adobe Premiere Pro


Maybe you have encountered this situation that even if you have updated and reinstalled your Premiere Pro you still can not import MP4 into it for editing. Why? You are not alone in this confusion. This article will explain the reason why can't import MP4 to Premiere and the solution to successfully importing MP4 into Premiere Pro.

Why Premiere won't import MP4 files

Premiere Pro has many versions, and we will take the most recent version Premiere Pro CC for example. Premiere Pro CC can only support MP4 QuickTime Movie format or MP4 from XDCAM EX cameras, but MP4 is a container format which can encode data in various compression and schemes. If the MP4 video does not meet the Premiere supported require, Premiere will not import MP4.

How to Solve can't Import MP4 to Premiere Pro ?

So if your MP4 contains data other than MP4 QuickTime Movie format or from XDCAM EX cameras, Premiere Pro CC refuses to import it. Is there a solution to importing all MP4 to all versions of Premiere Pro? The answer is positive. Free download iDealshare VideoGo to convert all MP4 to Premiere Pro more supported DV, MPEG-2, etc.

What is iDealshare VideoGo and what can iDealshare VideoGo help do?

  • iDealshare VideoGo is the most functional MP4 to Premiere Pro converter and it can help to convert MP4 in various codec or from any source to Premiere Pro more supported DV or MPEG-2.
  • Besides iDealshare VideoGo can also help to convert other Premiere Pro unsupported video files as well as MP4 into Premiere Pro supported one.
  • Also iDealshare VideoGo can edit the MP4 file or the converted file before importing into or after exporting from Premiere Pro .

How to Convert MP4 to Premiere Pro?

Now you can follow the step by step guide below to convert MP4 to Premiere Pro supported video formats.

Make Preparation: Free download MP4 to Premiere Pro Converter

Free download the professional MP4 to Premiere Pro Converter - iDealshare VideoGo (for Windows, for Mac), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

MP4 to Premiere Pro Converter

Step 1 Import MP4 video

Click "Add file" button to load MP4 video to iDealshare VideoGo. You can also use dragging and dropping function and batch conversion function to load MP4 files.

Convert MP4 to Premiere Pro Supported Video Format

Step 2 Select the exporting format

Click "Profile" button to select Premiere Pro more supported DV or MPEG-2 as the final output format.

Step 3 Convert MP4 to Premiere Pro supported video format

Click "Convert" button and if your MP4 is not a big file you can get the conversion process done within seconds. And then you can import the converted video file into Premiere Pro for editing.


If you get iDealshare VideoGo, you can not only get an MP4 to Premiere Pro converter, you but also get an almost any video to any program converter, because iDealshare VideoGo can help solve all the 'not editing MP4 or any video format in any video editing program' issues. Get iDealshare VideoGo now.