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Easy Solve "Can't Import MOV Files into iTunes"

Convert MOV to iTunes/iMovie and Sync MOV to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

The Reasons Why Can't Import MOV to iTunes

Both MOV and iTunes is the product of Apple Inc., and even iTunes announced that it supports files with the .mov, .m4v, and .mp4 file extension. However, in the actual use, we still encounter the issue "Can't import MOV to iTunes" or "Can't sync MOV to iPad, iPhone, iPod". Why? Here are the reasons.

  • MOV is a file container which has different codec. MOV files comimg from some video editing software, or from different cameras, have different codec inside while iTunes only import MOV whose video codec is DV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, or AIC.
  • iTunes only supports the MOV files working well with QuickTime and files purchased or downloaded from iTunes Store.
  • Even some MOV files can be added to iTunes but it still fails to sync to iOS devices, because iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV need more specifications like resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, size, and audio codec.

Easy Solution to Convert MOV to iTunes and Sync to iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV

After knowing the reasons why can't import MOV to iTunes, we find that the best way to transfer MOV to iTunes is to convert MOV to iTunes supporting format with specific codec under the assistance of iDealshare VideoGo. To sync MOV to Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, this iDealshare VideoGo will help you to define your Apple device mode directly as the output device.

Still have files in other video formats and need to import them to iTunes? Don't worry. This powerful app is capable to convert AVI to iTunes, MKV to iTunes, WMV to iTunes, FLV to iTunes, VOB to iTunes, ASF to iTunes, WTV to iTunes, AVCHD to iTunes, MTS to iTunes, etc. Aside from that, this ideal converter will assist you to transfer any audio file to iTunes like MP3 to iTunes, WAV to iTunes, WMA to iTunes, OGG to iTunes, FLAC to iTunes, AAC to iTunes, M4V to iTunes, etc.

This converter is equipped with an all-in-one video editor, which offers some practical editing functions like trim or crop, merge or split, edit subtitles, change audio track, adjust bit rate/resolution, add watermark, etc. Please refer to the corresponding articles on this websites if necessary.

Guide to Convert MOV to iTunes

Free download the professional MOV to iTunes converter - iDealshare VideoGo (Mac Version, Windows Version ), install and run it, the following main interface will pop up.

MOV to iTunes Converter for Mac

Step 1 Import MOV file

You can click "Add File" button or simply drag and drop MOV files to this converter.

Convert MOV to iTunes on Mac

Step 2 Select the iTunes compatible format

Click the "Profile" button and in the drop down list select the iTunes compatible format.

  • Select MP4 or MOV as the output format.
  • If the original MOV file is HD video, choose HD MP4 from the "HD Video" category.
  • When you want to sync MOV to Apple devices, directly define your device mode.

Step 3 Complete converting MOV to iTunes

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side, and then you will successfully Convert MOV to iTunes. After converted, start iTunes, and then choose File > Add File to Library to import the converted MOV files to iTunes, or you can also simply drag and drop this converted MOV video to the iTunes Movie Library.

All the MOV to iTunes Problems will be Solved.

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  • Way to add .mov files to Videos app-I have a ton of .mov files that I recorded with my iPhone. What is the easiest way to get them into the Videos app on the iPad. From what I can tell I have to convert them to .mp4 for iTunes to accept them under the Movies section of the Library. First of all, why is this? If the iPhone is an apple product and the iPhone/iPad obviously can play .mov (I can play them under the Photos application!) then why won't iTunes allow me to add them to the Movies library? So I end up having to convert them to .mp4 using another program. The same method needs to be used to play them on my Apple TV since they need to be under Movies on my iTunes library for Apple TV to recognize them.